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Taylor Caines

“Donna. Is. An. AngelIIIIII I contacted Donna when my twin boys were 8 weeks old actual & only 2 weeks old corrected. I had 2 little humans who would only sleep in my arms as they were so used to being constantly cuddled as hey that’s what you do with any baby let alone two super tiny bubbas!! When my partner went back to work and there was 1 of me and 2 of them, I couldn’t nurse them all day. From the first day that we implemented Donna’s plan I had them both sleeping in their bassinet and they slept for 2 hours each nap!!! From the second night, our bigger twin slept through!?! Our little bubba only woke for one feed through the night and then about 4 weeks later was sleeping through also!! We had twins sleeping through the night well before they were 12 weeks actual, we never expected or hoped for this, we only wanted them to sleep better through the day and bam we were in heaven!! Donna is amazing and helps you along the way, you’re never left alone and even offers support after your 2 weeks is up! We cannot thank her enough as parenting is hard enough without sleep… especially with 2 and we don’t have to worry about that! When we go through patches of sleep disruption Donna is only a text away and that is invaluable! Our boys are 8 months old now and sleep like champions with exceptions of course (developmental milestones), but we can function & be the best parents we can be because we sleep!!! Donna is worth every cent!!  “

Maddison Pike

“Where to start… Thank you
Donna came into our lives when our bub would only fall asleep on us due to bad reflux. As she began to learn to self settle with Donna’s amazing support, she then became ill.
Not only did Donna support us in maintaining sleep whilst she was sick, but she also supported one in general.
Our 9 week old now only wakes once per night for a quick feed and can self settle with very minimal support!
She can also sleep in the car and pram with ease so this Mumma can still have a life when needed
Again thank you, Donna, for being the caring, knowledgeable, and passionate person that you are. ”


“To all my friends struggling to get their bubs/toddlers/older children to sleep through the night…I can highly recommend Donna…Our life saver!!” Sara – Kaia 12 month old“


“Donna said “trust me”, it WILL work. You just have to stick to the program. I was sceptical after 4 years of trying different programs, I didn’t think we’d ever find a solution. Donna was right! And now we go to bed each night with a glimmer of hope that we wont be woken until the morning – well, at least not by our 4 year old! Thanks Donna you have been amazing.”


“After being refused to be seen by other Sleep Constultants as my 6.5 month old was refusing both milk & solids during the day (was advised to se a paediatrician), Donna agreed to work with us. After one night, our little guy was sleeping a straight 11 hours at night and drinking and feeding during the day like a healthy 6.5 month old baby should. After spending the last 6 months with a baby who woke every 45 minutes during the night to be breast fed back to sleep, Donna gave us the confidence to break this routine and get our lives back to normal. Baby is in his own cot in his own room and my husband is back in his own bed. Thank you Donna! You’re amazing!“

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My Story

My name is Donna Moala and I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful girls, 13, 11 and 7. I am extremely passionate and committed to saving families sleep and empowering Mum’s and Dad’s to be able to gently encourage and be there for their own beautiful children as they learn to develop their own independent sleep skills.

Sleep is such an important necessity for everyone to lead a happy, healthy life. Sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!!!! Sleep is an absolute biological need.

On reflection of my own journey into motherhood I recognise that one of the most incredibly fulfilling but as equally challenging time in a woman’s life, can be when you become a mother for the first time. Throw in sleepless nights and an unsettled baby and you can end up with a very unhappy, distressed, anxious family unit.

The gentle method that I have been trained and certified in, is a gentle solution for children to be able to have wonderful, healthy sleep habits for the rest of their lives. Every family I work with will have a specifically tailored, specialised plan, developed for each individual child, as every child is different, no matter what age.

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