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—  Expectant Parents

During Pregnancy

Yaay! You’re pregnant. Congratulations. This really is the most exciting time of your life. I bet you have already been hit with the ‘get ready for no sleep’ quote that everyone loves throwing around right? Well, what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

It is important to get the correct tools to gently set up great sleep strategies as soon as possible, to avoid sleep issues down the track. To help new parents ease any of their concerns they may have around sleep, heading into parenthood.

I will teach you the tools and techniques to set you up so your newest edition has the perfect start to their sleep journey. I will teach you the science behind sleep, how our little people’s brains work & exactly why sleep is so important.

I would be honoured to effectively hold your hand through the journey to better sleep. This sleep package is a learning tool, it will help guide you and your family to tackle sleep before bub is born.

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Package Includes: 

  • Cost $452 +GST
  • A Comprehensive Questionnaire filled out by you so we can gain a deeper understanding into your family. What is working for you, what you have tried, what bub loves and doesn’t. We want to delve deep into your sleep situation, this helps us build your personalised plan.
  • Personalised Sleep Plan- This is where the magic happens. We will create a custom plan tailored to your families needs. We will work around your sleep goals and make them a reality.
  • We love meeting you and your babies, this consult 45-60 minute in home/zoom consult gives us a chance to chat, get to know each other. We will ask to have a look around bubs sleep environment to make sure we are going into sleep support with the right idea around sleep. If you are close by, we can offer a home consult, we love baby snuggles and meeting our beautiful families. 
  • Then this is the good stuff, you have us for 2 weeks, one on one. With love, support & guidance we will help you implement the personalised sleep plan, making sure all your concerns are met along the way. During this time, we will schedule phone calls and keep in touch through personal WhatsApp group.
  • Once your baby is sleeping beautifully on completion of our 2 weeks, you will receive a link to join our Bub2sleep Family Facebook Group, where you will have at your fingertips all the sleep information you may need moving forward. You will also be able to chat with all other Bub2sleep Graduates.
  • Use of 1 free 15-minute chat if needed within the first 6 months of completion.

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Expectant Parents

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This package would be best suited for babies, newborn to 12 weeks old. You will receive education...

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