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My name is Donna Moala and I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful girls, 13, 11 and 7. I am extremely passionate and committed to saving families sleep and empowering Mum’s and Dad’s to be able to gently encourage and be there for their own beautiful children as they learn to develop their own independent sleep skills.

Sleep is such an important necessity for everyone to lead a happy, healthy life. Sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!!!! Sleep is an absolute biological need.

On reflection of my own journey into motherhood I recognise that one of the most incredibly fulfilling but as equally challenging time in a woman’s life, can be when you become a mother for the first time. Throw in sleepless nights and an unsettled baby and you can end up with a very unhappy, distressed, anxious family unit.

The gentle method that I have been trained and certified in, is a gentle solution for children to be able to have wonderful, healthy sleep habits for the rest of their lives. Every family I work with will have a specifically tailored, specialised plan, developed for each individual child, as every child is different, no matter what age.

Meet Tayla

I am so excited to welcome Tayla to my bub2sleep community .  I pride myself on being able to give my clients unlimited support with me during their 2 weeks .   So you will now be able to have your free 15 min sleep chat with Tayla .  We have been working closely together and Tayla has a wealth of sleep knowledge to share.


Hey I’m Tayla, mum of little 10 month old Logan I have a HUGE passion in helping others. When I become a mama, it was all sooooo new and my passions grew! Logan was a relatively good sleeper however, we implemented sleep training techniques from a young age.
I absolutely love watching mums grow and develop, teaching their bubs and I love supporting mums through their journey.
I started working with Donna and helping her with her biz goals. I have truely loved helping mamas with their sleep goals. It’s been so fun and I’m soooo excited to keep learning and continue to help as many families as I can!

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