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“As we sit here with a baby who’s 1.5 hours into a nap for the first time ever, I’m feeling 100% grateful we made the call to Donna. Our little girl was sleeping max 45 mins a day and waking every 2 hours over night…… we were desperate!! Donna’s calm and loving approach was exactly what we needed! The support we received was more than I could have asked for! Our little girl is sleeping at least 1.5 hours in the day and a straight 12 hours at night. Donna you are our saving grace!! You have saved our little family! Thank you so much!!! ♥ “


“Donna said “trust me”, it WILL work. You just have to stick to the program. I was sceptical after 4 years of trying different programs, I didn’t think we’d ever find a solution. Donna was right! And now we go to bed each night with a glimmer of hope that we wont be woken until the morning – well, at least not by our 4 year old! Thanks Donna you have been amazing.”

“To all my friends struggling to get their bubs/toddlers/older children to sleep through the night…I can highly recommend Donna…Our life saver!!” Sara – Kaia 12 month old


“After being refused to be seen by other Sleep Constultants as my 6.5 month old was refusing both milk & solids during the day (was advised to se a paediatrician), Donna agreed to work with us. After one night, our little guy was sleeping a straight 11 hours at night and drinking and feeding during the day like a healthy 6.5 month old baby should. After spending the last 6 months with a baby who woke every 45 minutes during the night to be breast fed back to sleep, Donna gave us the confidence to break this routine and get our lives back to normal. Baby is in his own cot in his own room and my husband is back in his own bed. Thank you Donna! You’re amazing!

“Thanks so much Donna! We needed to get our litte one sleeping through the night. We started when she was 10.5 months and took dummy and nursing away from our little one and it really only took us 4 – 5 nights until she slept through the night and learnt how to settle herself! We are sooooooo thankful to Donna and the program – we all needed it …… Thanks so much!”

“What you do for mum’s and families is nothing short of amazing!!!….in less than a week I have changed my outlook on motherhood. I was full of self doubt, anxiety and felt hopeless and helpless when I first contacted Donna. I already feel 100% better and know I’ve taken the right steps for my family. Within days I have regained so much more energy and confidence to be a happier and more present mum to my little one. One I always hoped I would be! Donna gave us all the tools and support you could ever hope for as we gently taught our son to self settle and sleep better. He’s happier and we’re happier too because my serial cat-napper now sleeps 2 hour naps and through the night! Thank you so much Donna. We are eternally grateful for what your’ve given to our family – our sleep and sanity!!!

If I could give 10 stars I would. I cannot recommend Donna enough to any mum, especially first time mums struggling to get there bubs sleeping. My little man was waking every 2 – 3 hours and not finishing his formula bottles in the day because I was feeding back to sleep at night. He is now sleeping through. Donna’s support has been awesome and the gentle method used was so easy. I have so much more confidence and sleep now, I’m truly so happy I reached out to Donna. I am so proud of my little man. And will use this method on my future children. Thank you again Donna you have been amazing.

I cannot recommend Donna & her services highly enough! Our little girl was waking every hour & needless to say we were beyond exhausted. Donna’s calm & nuturing approach helped me implement her strategies and we now have a rested baby & rested family. Your passion for what you do is sensational. Thank you for your help & guidance, I will be passing your details on to my mummy friends.

“Hi Donna, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and guidance with getting our 9 month old to sleep. Before we had all your help, we struggled to get bub to sleep at night and then would wake constantly, sleeping in our bed or in the pram, days were just as bad pushing the pram around the house to get him to sleep!! Now we can put him straight in his cot and he’ll go off to sleep on his own. We are so glad we found you and got the help we needed. Thanks so much Donna.

“Such a peaceful and beautiful way to learn the joys of sleep. Our baby girl was sleeping through by night 3. You are truly amazing and we are blessed. Words cannot express what you have done for our little girl and family. Thank you.”

“I can’t recommend Donna and Bub2sleep highly enough. We have done 1 week so far of the 2 week plan and Alice has been sleeping through the night since night 3. Before this she was waking between 2 – 5 times a night and feeding. She is now sleeping 6.30 – 6.30 with no feeds and we are both so much happier for the extra sleep?”

“I knew having twins was gonna be hard but I didn’t know just how hard it would be with no nap times. Before meeting Donna I had no patience, was losing motivation to resettle and was anxious all the time. Then Donna walked into our lives and changed my mindset, even hubby says I seem more positive and in a better space. She has been so encouraging and supportive, listened to all my worries and answered all my questions. I don’t know how we could have done this without you Donna, you are amazing! This woman is a miracle worker! Thank you for everything Donna, I am forever grateful to you for helping me teach my boys are art of sleep!

“I would recommend Donna to anyone”

“We contacted Donna when our daughter was 7 months old as she was waking anywhere between 3 – 6 times every night and the only way to get her back to sleep was to feed or rock her….. not ideal when I have to return to work soon (nightshift) and husband works full time. We had also fallen into so many poor habits of co sleeping and using the pram for every nap. When we contacted Donna she reassured us that her program would 100% work – of course we were very sceptical!!! Well I have to say she was right! Our daughter slept through the whole night on night 2 of the program, we couldn’t belive it. Our daughter also now sleeps well in her cot for all her naps and continues to sleep all night. Donna also helped us structure a good sustainable day routine. Not only does Donna provide gentle sleep training, she is personable and reliable – she calls when she says she will Overall a great experience with Bub2sleep and would highly recommend. Many thanks Donna. Laura”

“How much better life is when we’re all getting enough sleep!! Thank you Donna, for your time, effort and support in helping us achieve this! Alex is 6 months old and went from waking 7 – 10 times a night and is now sleeping through 7pm – 6.30 most nights. Sometimes waking once a night but often puts himself back to sleep. It took a bit longer than expected to get to this stage as Alex got sick and started teething among other things but Donna was understanding and thoughtful to help us through these changes too. We stuck with the program and advice, adapting it as needed when Alex wasn’t himslef, and now we have a much happier and well rested family all round. Even Alex’s day sleeps are so much better now too at 1 – 2 hrs. Thanks a million Donna, highly recommend your services and it was lovely having your patience and support with us for this crazy whirl wind experience of parenthood. Loves from Rhi, Joel & Alex xoxoxo”

“We cannot thank Donna from Bub2sleep enough for the help she gave us. Our aim was to improve our son’s day bottle drinking and get some regularity to his day/night, and the outcome far exceeded our expectations!!! Donna’s approach and guidance was so supportive, and knowing she was available for questions almost any time was invaluable. Never having to use a sleep consultant for my other child, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I am so glad I used this service as we are all so much happier. Donna you’re a gem!”

“All I can say is Donna is amazing! We decided to enlist her help as our 3.5 month old would scream every night before bed, we tried controlled crying and everything under the sun, but he would be crying in our arms before we even put him down. Donna gave us our plan and there were a couple of real rough days there but before we knew it he was sleeping during the day like a gem and he was settling at night without a peep! Our lives just changed, it was amazing how anxious we got about bed time and suddenly with Donna’s help it was like a weight was lifted! If you are considering enlisting Donna’s help, don’t hesitate! You will thank yourselves in a few weeks time!

“We are ONE week in and my 3 month old baby boy is now sleeping 11 -12 hours every night!!! I am forever grateful for you Donna. You have saved my relationship and my sanity!”

My husband & I can’t thank Donna enough for her guidance & support with our 12 week old boy. He had to be held for most of his naps, would only nap for 45 mins max & had to be held of nighttime for up to 2 hours before we could put him in his bed, otherwise he would wake up. Now our angel goes down for bedtime within minutes in his own cot & settles in his cot for most of his day naps. It has given me some much needed time on my hands during the day & given my husband & I some much needed time together at night time. We are very thank

“Donna absolutely changed my life” I have been using the Sleep Sense Program for 10 years, and I was 100% confident that if I followed the same procedure with my 3rd baby, everything would be awesome. And it was! Sometimes. And then it was not. Eventually I couldn’t even remember what awesome felt like. By the timehe was 2.5 years old, I felt like I had tried everything. But I knew there was ONE thing I had not tried – hiring a sleep consultant. It was a pest controller that changed my mind – no joke. On the same day that I received a quote for pest control, Donna called. She lived 3000km’s away, so I already had my doubts about hiring someone the other side of the country. Her quote was exactly the same as the pest controller, and it suddenly occured to me: I was willing to fork out money to get rid of a few bugs (which I actually could eradicate myself), but I’d never before been willing to fork out the same money to eradicate sleep problems. I decided to give Donna a go, and spray the bugs myself! All I wanted was to be abloe to put my toddler to bed at a reasonable hour, walk out, and perhaps even sleep all night. My main goal was getting my evenings back to myself. Her advice was something I hadn’t actually tried. And to be honest, I didn’t think it would work. On the second night, I was absolutely sure it wouldn’t work. But one thing I knew above all else was that consistency works with kids, so I stuck with it. And Donna was there for every doubt, answering every question, listening to every one of my thoughts, and reassuring me that is would work. Within 3 days, I saw a glimmer of hope. Within 10 days, I started to think I might get my life back. By the end of the two weeks, my life was completely changed. As I write this, it has been about 5 weeks since I first enlisted Donna help. Absolutely everything has changed. Sleep is EASY. I no longer dread bedtimes. I look forward to my evenings! I enjoy going to bed, knowing that only the birds will wake me. But life is also different in so many other ways. We are all so much happier. There is so much less tension in the family. I personally feel so much less stress and anxiety, particularly as a parent. I can spend more quality time with the older kids. I enjoy time with my toddler, and I love putting him to bed!!! I is nothing short of amazing. So thank you thank you thank you Donna. I would recommend you a thousand times, to everyone I know with sleep issues!!!

“We wanted to let you know thta Flynn is such a happy sleeper. We have had zero crying for nearly two months and he loves his day naps. What a huge turn around! Even with cahllenges of holidays and sickness he hasn’t missed a beat. We can’t thank you enough for your support – your energy, enthusiasm and guidance gave us the confidence to take the necessary steps. There is NO going back!”

“I can’t recommend Donna enough. I was completely exhausted by the time I finally “gave in” and called Donna. I could immediately tell I had made the right decision. In just under a week I went from my 6 month old waking 5 – 6 times a night, too being able to self settle and even ditching the dummy. Thank you Donna !!”

“I cannot recommend Donna and her services highly enough. She literally is worth every penny. Aside from my mother, husband and sisters, she has been the best support and has helped me get through the toughest month as we battled illness and surgery along with sleep. And we got through…. no my little boy is now sleeping through the night (from waking 2 – 3 hourly) and sleeps 1 and 1/2 hours for his day sleeps (from never being able to join his 45 min naps) Horray! Her approach to sleep training is gentle and supportive of both mother and baby. She is only a text or phone call away when you have the smallest of concerns or questions. The best thing for me is I struggled to enjoy motherhood for the first 6 months prior to getting Donna’s help. Now I love it everyday and have fallen even more in love with my child (becuase even he is happier with his quality and quantity of sleep). Donna is the best gift you can give yourself or to a struggling moterh. I know she was for me. Thanks Donna xxx Charis & Harvey “

“We were having issues getting our 7mth old to settle by himself & sleep through the night. By the second night he was sleeping through! We couldn’t believe how such simple techniques produced such amazing results. Donna is worth her weight in gold! Can’t recommend her enough!”

“As I have just put Zoe down to sleep with no crying, just a few minutes of talking to herself, I can see it all coming together now. I have so much more confidence in what I’m doing and that is the right thing for her too and that is all because of the support you gave me along hte way. You were right – she is so much happier during the day having had such good sleep and is even walking now!!! She isn’t getting upset at bedtime anymore and we are spending lovely evenings with our older two kids knowing that Zoe is soundly sleeping from 6.30 – 6am. So, from all of us – a heartfelt Thank You. Jess “

“Donna has been an absolute lifesaver! We contacted Donna just before our daughter’s first birthday, after months and months of multiple night wakes, co-sleeping, using a dummy and having to rock her back to sleep every time she woke up. Within three nights she slept though the night and we are now at the point where I can put her in her cot awake and leave the room, which I never dreamed was possible. We were able to take a very soft approach, which worked for us and Donna was there every step of the way to answer our many questions. Donna was so knowledgeable and supportive through the whole process and I can’t recomend her highly enough!”

“Donna has been an absolute lifesaver! We contacted Donna just before our daughter’s first birthday, after months and months of multiple night wakes, co-sleeping, using a dummy and having to rock her back to sleep every time she woke up. Within three nights she slept though the night and we are now at the point where I can put her in her cot awake and leave the room, which I never dreamed was possible. We were able to take a very soft approach, which worked for us and Donna was there every step of the way to answer our many questions. Donna was so knowledgeable and supportive through the whole process and I can’t recomend her highly enough!”

“Donna has helped my twins so much! She helped wean my twin daughter from the dummy and she now self-settles and she helped me get by booby obsessed twin son to self-settle too. They are both sleeping so much better now! From 3+ wake ups a night to 1 wake up and cat napping inthe day they now sleep 1 – 3 good 2 hour naps. Thank you Donna! I’m so glad I finally bit the bullet and took the plunge as it was so worth it x”

“Donna changed our lives. Our 8 month old boy went from waking up every 2 hours at night and a catnapper during the day to sleeping 12 hours at night and two 90 min naps during the day. We had some really tough days to get to where we are now but it was worth it. We have our life back and also now have one very happy baby! Couldn’t recommend Donna highly enough.”

“Donna has changed our entire family’s lives. Our 18 month daughter has learned now sleeps through the night and doing her daytime napping in her cot instead of her pram. After seeing results in the first few days, I knew we found gold! We started recommending her to all our friends once we saw the difference in our daughter’s behaviour and appetite! All the discipline we learned from Donna with our daughter’s sleeping also helped support our daughter’s other behaviours. (Like not throwing food on the floor or disappearing with our iPhones!) Our husband and I have both learned through Donna how sleep is so important to us as well and has changed how we sleep ourselves. All we can say is “We love you Donna!” Thanks again! xx

“To anyone out there who is struggling with their babies sleep please please please get in contact with Donna. After months of our son crying out 8 – 10 times a night we found Donna and with in the week he had improved and was a new boy. Life had really hit an all time low and Donna provided so much support. Than you a thousand times over Donna. Sarah and Brad. xo

” Donna is amazing…I’m a single mum that had my 13 mth old in my bed still breastfeeding through the night and a 2.5 year old that was a good sleeper but was starting to get his nights interrupted too…… my baby had no way of settling himself other than “boobs” (he learnt to say that quick!)…. I will admit I was filled with doubt on many occasions when my bubs wouldn’t settle….. by Day 8 things were changing and by Day 10 he slept through….. to have the support from Donna on the other end of the phone with every issue was unbelievable and actually as she said “I did’t have to think”….. seriously worth every cent!.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Highly recommend Donna @bub2sleep. We met Donna over 2 weeks ago & started the programme straight away. I cannot believe how quickly things turned around, especially since we took the dummy off our daughter, she adapted so quickly & by the 3rd night she was able to fall asleep easilyt & sleeping 11 solid hours, even close to 12 hours some nights. Before we met Donna she was wakening up through the night as well as wakening up very early to start the day (4.30 – 5am) She had slept through the night before but it was never consistent & now things are just so much better, we know what to expect & we dont just hope that she’ll have a good night, we know she’ll have a good night = we have a good night = we’re all happy! It really has changed our lives. The only regret I have is not getting Donna’s help sooner! (my daughter turned 1 two days ago)”

“The best money I have ever spent! Donna saw us when our daughter was 7 months old, she was a cat napper (20/30) minutes during the day). I was feeding her to sleep for all fer naps and on an evening for bed. I was getting up 3/4 times during the night to feed her because she was waking up. It was becoming extremely exhausting and I dreaded every day. After just a few days with Donna, our little girl was self settling for her two day naps and sleeping for 1.5 hours at each nap. She was self-settling on an evening and sleeping all through the night. One month in and it is like we have been given a whole new baby. You don’t have to struggle, give Donna a call. She is very knowledgeable and has a very gentle approach. Thank you Donna x”

“Thanks to Donna’s support we have now a 18 month old sleeping through the night. This is the second time we are asking Donna for support. As hard it might sound to go through the sleeping experience, it works!!”

“Wow Donna has changed our lives! Didn’t think our little girl would ever let us sleep through the night but Donna cracked it after only 3 nights. Absolutely amazing. Thank you Donna”

“Thank you so much Donna!!! You are worth so much more than 5 stars!!! Harper now loves her sleep and can sleep anywhere! I never thought I’d see her look forward to bed and nap time, but she does! Definitely the best decision I’ve ever made, thank you for all the support!!!”

“To anyone out there who is struggling with their babies sleep, please, please, please, please get in contact with Donna. After months of our Son crying out 8 – 10 times a night, we found Donna and with in the week he had improved and was a new boy. Life had really hit an all time low and Donna provided so much support. Thank you a thousand times over Donna. Sarah and Brad”

“Donna has literally saved my life!!! I was beyond sleep deprived, which caused me to feel depressed & a failure as a first tie mummy. I was at absolute breaking point and I could not see any hope for things getings better. Then my sister came across Bub2sleep & asked me to give them a try. I was hesitant as I tried other sleep consultant companies who never bothered to even call me back or reply to my email, but I thought hey….. what do I have to lose! Donna called me back within 30 minutes & we chatted for 15 minutes. We booked in our first consult which couldn’t be til a week later, I remember having a breakdown in the middle of Kmart as I was so relieved hope was on it’s way. Donna text me at 9.30pm at night syaing she can’t get me out of her mind & has to help me immediately so she came to me on the Sunday which I’m sure is her day off. I knew from her text, that she genuinely cared & genuinely wanted to help. I’m forever greatful to Donna, she’s given me back my sanity & I am a better mother to my beautiful son. He’s a much happier boy just by learning such an important life skill of self settling & I am overjoyed to be able to say that he sleeps through the night!!! Please mummies , don’t suffer along & seeking Donn’as help will be the best thing you can ever do for your family & she’s 100% affordable too!!!! Nicolette x

“We contacted Donna to help us with moving our 5 month old into his cot in his own room. After a few failed attempts on our own, Donna supported us through this change and happily answered the million and one questions I asked. He now happily goes to sleep in his own cot and we no longer have to spend hours rocking him to sleep for his naps and bedtime. We wouldn’t have been able to do this so quickly without Donna’s help and guidance.”

“Cannot recommend enough…… Donna has given my wife and I our sleep and sanity back!!!!!! When we first met Donna she said if we stuck to our tailor made plan our 6 month old would sleep through the night. In my sleep deprived state of mind I laughed in disbelief, but Donna ensured us she could help if we were willking to follow her lead. And after 2 weeks we went from getting up 3 times a night to Elsie sleeping through the night, every night. Thanks so much Donna from Ashlea, Elsie and I!!!……

“Simply put, Donna changed our lives! After going back to work, I was desperate for a good night’s sleep after months of getting up anywhere between 3 and 8 times a night. In a few short weeks, our little boy was consistently sleeping through the night and napping without a fuss. Thanks to Donna, we were able to achieve this in a way that felt gentle, loving and supportive. It was the best money we ever spent to have a happier, healthier family and Donna stuck with us through the whole program”. You are a true life saver Donna!” Lots of love, Kate, Jay and Sebasti

“We were given recommendations to come to Donna by two different people. All I can say is thank goodness we listened to them! My husband initially completely against spending money on a sleep consultant as he genuinely didn’t think it would work. But within 5 minutes of us chatting to Donna on that first free 15 minute call he slipped me a note that said “do it”. And from that point our lives changed so very much for the better. Donna came to the house for an hour the next day and our daughter has slept through the night pretty much every night since (I can count on one hand the nights she hasn’t and they were all because of fairly major illness. And I can tell you, when she’s up it’s usually only for 30 mins max and she’s never fed overnight again!) Donna’s methods were gentle, condiserate of our daughter’s unique personality and gave us confidence that we really could do it. Since Donna became our sleep angel, our daughter has gone back to being the sunny, quick-to-learn little girl she was before the dreaded 4 month regression hit and she just stopped coping during the day because she was constantly over-tired. Our two-week training period fell three weeks before I went back to work, coincided with a holiday and a bout of bronchiolitis and tonsilitis and yet still we came out the other side with sleeping child – it works!!!! The other thing I loved was that daddy was instrumental in the whole process which, for the first time as I had done every single night wake up until that point, gave him the confidence and ability to put our little girl to bed on his own. If you are waivering on whether to call Donna, just do it! You won’t regret it!”…….

“Donna was amazing!!! We literally had our 3 year old sleeping through in two weeks. It was a tough time but it totally worked and we would still be back at square one if we hadn’t found Donna. You’re a life saver. Can’t recommend Bub2sleep enough! Thanks Donna from Cassie and Pat xox”

“Before we met Donna, our baby girl was wakihng up at least 4 – 6 time each night. Her day naps didn’t last longer than 20 mins, except for when I pushed her in the pram I could get 45 minutes. Then she started to refuse milk at her usual 7am tie. Feeds and naps were all over the place, it was so hard to estabish some kind of routine and plan the day. All of us were so tired. After we met Donna, our daughter was doing 10 – 12 hours a night. It was unbelievable! In fact her amazing night sleep turned into amazing day sleeps. Because she was sleeping she was feeding so well throughout the day. During the sleep training, Donna did all the thinking for us an supported us 24/7. The whole program was gentle which was so important to us and suited our lifestyle. Our lives changed in just 24 hours of meeting her, and with her advice and program we are still going strong now. I cannot thank Donna enough for all her help and highly recommend her!”

“Donna has changed our lives. Our 8 month old boy went from waking every 2 hours at night and a catnapper during the day to sleeping 12 hours at night and two 90 min naps during the day. We had some really tough days to get to where we are now but it was worth it. We have our life back and also now have one very happy baby! Couldn’t recommend Donna highly enough”

“We can’t recommend bub2sleep enough, it has been a few months now since we met Donna and on the whole we are all sleeping so much better! Whilst the initial stages were quite a challenge, it was so worht it to have a happy, self-settling baby and a happy, well-rested mum! We have had a few set-backs along the way with teething, illnesses and sleep regressions but having those foundations and skills have allowed us to quickly turn things back around. I am more than happy to recommend Donna to anhyone having issues with sleep, is so nice to have someone come in and help in a way that worked for our family. Thank you for everything”….

“This review is extremely late but here we go…..late last year after our nine month old miss decided she wanted to wake up to feed multiple times during the night every single night, leaving us completely exhausted. One day after putting the car into drive instead of reverse almost driving through our front bedroom I realised that enough was enough and we needed to do something to stop this sleep exhaustion. I had become an emotional zombie. We contacted Donna and have never looked back – her support and gentle methods literally saved us. It also gave me my life back and I was a whole new person within a couple of days”

“My 11.5 month old daughter was feeding 3 – 5 times a night just over 2 weeks ago, now we sleep 11 – 12 hours straight a night plus 2 x 1 – 1.5 hour naps. Donna helped us see the importance of sleep for the whole famiy and her strategies and support have helped us get through the last two weeks.”

“Our 7 week old boy, Raffy, was extremely overtired. I didn’t understand how often he needed to nap nor did I know anything about tired signs. He was barely napping during the day and was waking up 3 – 4 times a night every 1.5 – 3 hours. My husband was working full time so I wanted to do the night time feedings/changes myself so as he was rested for work. After a couple of weeks of poor sleep and co-sleeping with Raffy in the spare bedroom, I was incredibly grumpy and snapping at my husband when he would try to help me – this is when I knew that if we didn’t get help with Raffy’s sleep then our marriage would possibly suffer. I remember the few days prior to Donna’s appointment I was feeling so helpless and desperate that I was counting down the sleeps! She came and I instantly felt more positive about how to promote better sleep for Raff. That very first night he slept 9.5 hours straight! I woke up at 4am in a panic as he had not yet woken and checked on him every 20 minutes as it just seemed to good to be true. He now sleeps a full 12 hours overnight 95% of the time and his day naps are much better – all because we are now more educated about sleep. This has had a positive impact on my marriage as we are now back sleeping in the same bed and I am no longer grumpy and irritable due to lack of sleep. I encourage anyone struggling with their babies sleep to give Donna a call ASAP. Thank you, Donna !!”

“We were unsure whether to engage a sleep consultant but from the moment we started working with Donna we found her to be professional and willing to help us through all the challenges that we were facing with our 8 month old. Donna instantly put our minds at ease with helpful and realistic strategies to help our baby to sleep by herself within the first couple of days. Donna was always available to ask questions and guide us along our journey. We are forever grateful to Donna and to this day our baby loves going to sleep in her cot. We would recommend Donna’s services to anyone”

“Donna was amazing!!!!! Within days we had a changed little boy and within 2 weeks our bedtime life was incredible! Our nearly 5 year old and 7 year old would need us to lie with them every night until they fell asleep. They would also come into our bed several times throughout the night. Now we say goodnight, give them a kiss and walk out! We still can’t believe it – Donna you are AMAZING!!! Susy & Karl xxx”

“Donna is such an incredible person and goes above and beyond to help! She genuinely cares about her clients and the support we recieved was amazing. Our 4 month old was a terrible sleeper and would only go to sleep after rocking and feeding. We can now put hi odnw with a kiss and walk out. He’s asleep before the door close’s”

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